Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My song

Play my song when I am down
Play my song rejoice thy sound
If black spirits come to hear
I shall not show them fear
Instead of fear Ill show them love
If no one cares I shall be the first
I rather not be the vulture , but the dove
I shall give water when they thirst
I shall not hate, nor shall I have enemies
The only past I should remember most are my good memories Remember thy name for it is powerful
Remember thy self and become awakened
Play my song when I am down
Play my song rejoice thy sound
I come in peace I have no shame
If I ever caused you harm forgive me for I was to blame
If you see me fly by don't be afraid
If you see my spirit don't be afraid
I may not be human, but I have a heart
That is one thing I shall never tear apart
Play my song when you are down Play my song rejoice thy sound

Saturday, January 2, 2016


What is a soul?, I wonder is it air that I breath or it has something to do with my core inside my human body?If that is what makes a soul then does the earth have one as well? What of the sun that is the source, the main source of my abilities and the energy I can absorb. I wonder does it has a soul as well . Why do I adore the moons light when it is at it brightest hours and why does it make me feel stronger then at day when the sun rises? Answers need to know more after all, knowledge is power. What am I from of course I do know that answer and also the other information about me, but doesn't mean I understand at its peak of Intel. I want to be better and stronger to achieve my goals, so I ask this world, what is life to the universe?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life of a indigo child..

Nobody really understands a indigo child. Not the way they live, the way they get hurt, the way they heal snd most of all how we deal with society in general. I was only five when i realize i wasn't normal and that I wasn't bonding with society like everyone around me. Too kind to people in my  teachers and my mother and all the rest of the females in my family eyes was nothing more then a golden boy. Sadly, that didnt work well with the males especially  the ones in my family to them I was no more then a punk or a fag or a frootloop which was what they most likely  called me. See I was a weird child you know the ones that get pointed out the most out of everybody because  you do something so eccentric every second of your life. Yeah, that was me chasing bugs and liking spiders, to playing video games to having imaginary friend didnt take long to realize they wasnt really imaginary. Look from my point of view try doing things you want to do whatever the heck was doing at that age and all of a sudden you hear voices in your head and feel like your going crazy. Remember telling my friends at school or just classmates since nobody really cared for me but girls. I mean what can I  say to them I was an adorable prince except weird and much of a cry baby. Anyway back to what I  was saying who ever actually reads this blog... I remembered telling the kids in my class that I  was from another planet that I  was a half breed part human part unknown. Just imagine  how odd their parents looked at me after their kids tell them hey mom we have E.T in our classroom, well lets just say they wanted nothing to do with me nothing at all. Wasn't until later I thought of myself as an angel something  told me I  had wings and that I didnt belong let along the crazy demons that follow my door step its  what happens when a five year old has the stupidly courage  of threatening  an arch angel name lucifer. Lesson kids never declare war on a demon its bad all type of things happen more people die, you get nude but whoopi s and George  bush becomes president  congrata screw you lations america.... round of applause to the jerk offs. Well to further my complex life Im highly spiritual  and awakened that was past time to introduce the multi talented  bagging  a hole i call myself Or well what my mother named me Lovonte Marcellus Ford.